Cutting edge state-of-the-art Forensic Multimedia Evidence Laboratory,
a custom engineered computer network using the latest hardware and software
in conjunction with conventional technology and supporting facilities.

Developer of the Cranial Relative Comparative Measurement (CRCM)
       Computer-Aided Facial Detail Comparison technology

Enhancement of Surveillance Camera Recordings
EnVision Digital can dramatically improve details in surveillance camera recordings,including police car dash camera videos, using advanced digital video processing technology.
EnVision Digital can enhance, analyze and compare media files digitized from photographs, video clips, audio recordings, cell phone recordings and other sources even if the original media is of poor quality.
Detection of Alterations of Video and/or Audio Recordings
EnVision Digital can detect alterations in video and audio files by using pixel colorimetry and
waveform analysis to develop unassailable proof that a file was altered.

div. of S T C Productions

What you can't see can hurt your case...
Over 18 Years of Experience - Dozens of Criminal and Civil Cases
Sound Signature Analysis - Accident Reconstruction Video Production
Surveillance System Engineering
State and Federal Courts Recognized Expert Witness
in Media Technology and Computer Science
EnVision Digital's CRCM technology identifies facial features based on cranial hard tissue anatomical landmarks and converts that information into relative, percentage based mathematical formulas allowing comparison between images of various origins.
Enhancement of Video, Audio and Still Photo Images
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