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VIDEO Enhancement
Still Frames from Video -
True DVD video quality, authoring with menus and interactive chapters for effective presentation, still-frame play back compatible with court room equipment
AUDIO Enhancement
Sound Signature Analysis -
Waveform analysis with time extension for identification and comparison of sources of sound
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Image Enhancement -
Slow Motion Conversion -
DVD Conversion -
Sharpness, contrast, darkness/lightness, critical detail enlargement and repositioning, static and motion zoom
Slow speed to frame-by-frame views, digital processing to extreme slow motion
Digitally enhanced high resolution, up to 2400 p/i JPEG and TIF files,
exhibit quality color prints up to 13X19 inch size
Alteration Detection
Video and Audio File Analysis -
Sub-frame detail comparison for video, millisecond-resolution analysis for audio
Cell Phone Memory Analysis
Phone Book List, Calls, Pictures, Videos -
Analytical software library for over 350 makes and models of cell phones
Digital and Analog Signal Processing -
Volume enhancement, high-end limiting, low-end expansion
frequency notching, noise reduction

Professional Digital Media Solutions

Real-Time Action Restoration -
Missing time-stamps, metadata diagnosis, frame rate reconstruction to real time
Image and Document File Analysis -
Pixel colorimetry, metadata and comparative resolution analysis
Mirror-Image Bit-By-Bit Cloning of Hard Drives, Flash Drives and Memory Cards of all Sizes

EnVision Digital

Forensic Multimedia