Video Production Excellence
             Editing Services and Facilities

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EnVision Digital

Multi-Camera Broadcast Quality Location Video Recording
Multi-track Wireless Audio Recording
Technical and Artistic Talent Pool - Writers, Actors, Narrators
State-of-the-art Post-production Studio,
     Multiple Networked Editing Stations,
     Latest Professional Software and Hardware
26-track Audio Recording/Editing Studio with Narration Booth
Video Graphics, Digital Still Photography
Marine Production - Shore-side, Offshore, Underwater
     2 Chase Boats, USCG Offshore Qualified
Specially Designed Recording Systems for Stage Show Video Taping
Editing Services
Consumer Level Editing
For people making their own programs and want more sophisticated production values without excessive costs. Examples: wedding videos shot by relatives, home movies, talent demos, sport highlight programs and event videos.
Consumer level editing includes all digital editing steps including title frames but no original content creation by EnVision. It's budget priced, an economical way to get that polished look.
Professional Level Editing
Used primarily by media professionals, corporate marketing and advanced video hobbyists.
This service includes complete creative support by EnVision, professional narration recording, sound track creation, background music from STC music library, video graphics, extensive special effects and creative image manipulation.
EnVision Production Facilities
Script Writing - Production Project Management - Pre-production Planning - Location Scouting
EnVision clients enjoy lower
production costs because we
own the entire production
equipment complex -

div. of S T C Productions