Video Production Excellence
                         for the Performing Arts

Stage Shows, Dance Performances, Musicals

EnVision Digital

With nearly two decades of experience in video taping over 100 stage performances from dance recitals to professional musicals we have assembled specialized equipment and crew to achieve superb quality artistic and technical results in high-definition wide-screen video and broadcast quality audio even under the most difficult stage conditions.

We use large format studio grade digital cameras for superb high-definition wide-screen picture quality, heavy duty hydraulic camera support equipment for smooth follow-shots, special lenses enabling us to be anywhere in the venue, broadcast quality digital recording format, studio grade "shotgun" microphones to reach out for the best sound and CD quality multi-track audio recording.

Our special services include video feed to dressing rooms and waiting areas and demo video displays with high definition monitors in the theatre lobby.

EnVision's state-of-the art digital post-production video and 26-track sound recording studio combined with our large volume, fast turn-around professional DVD and Blu-ray duplication factory assure that our clients benefit from superb video and audio quality and exceptional client service.
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Professional Camerawork - Precise Follow-Shots of Solo Dancers
High-Definition Broadcast Quality Video - CD Quality Audio
Accurate-Color Stage Ambience
Never a Washed-Out Face Even in Strong Spotlight
Editing Included - Volume DVD and Blu-ray Copies In 5 Days

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