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     In a State of Washington, Department of Licensing case a person was accused of misrepresentation when applying for a license endorsement. The DOL suspended this individual's driver license based on alleged mismatch in the DOL's facial detail comparison. Derense attorney requested a hearing, to which Tom Sandor was hired as an expert. This hearing was inconclusive and a second hearing was held. We requested specific information on the facial comparison process and the training of the personnel performing the comparison. It was made clear to the DOL examiner that if that information is not released we will obtain a court order. The information was not released, but a few days later the DOL dropped the case and reinstated the person's driver's license.
     In a Kitsap County Superior Court case, a man was accused of raping a three year old. Evidence supplied was a DVD recording made at the SAU, but the recording had no audio. Engineering analysis of the recording system and forensic analysis of the DVD discs supplied proved that the audio was never recorded - making the evidence hearsay. Case dismissed by judge.
    In a King County Superior Court case, a man was accused of two counts of assault with a deadly weapon. The evidence against the accused was a 911 call recording made by the alleged victim. EnVision Forensic Multimedia used sophisticated audio waveform analysis and processing technology to prove that the accused was 10 to 12 feet distant from the person claiming to be assaulted. The jury tfound the defendant not guilty.
     In Snohomish County a man was accused of stealing high priced wines from a Safeway store. The Safeway surveillance video was excellent quality. We took matching posed pictures of the defendant and performed a text book case of computer-aided facial detail comparison. This was the highest image quality CRCM result we ever had. The evidence left no doubts about the fact that the defendant is not the same person shown on the surveillance video. Case was dismissed.
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This is the now famous CRCM composite picture that was used to prove that Glen Proctor was not the shooter in the Federal Way Transit Center murder case. Since then the EnVision Digital developed Computer-Aided Facial Comparison process was used in several cases, resulting in dismissals and one lesser charge by plea bargaining. There is a new, advanced version of the CRCM process, which can compare soft tissue details in addition to hard tisssue landmarks.

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To assure the ultimate accuracy in digital storage media analysis EnVision now offers "MIRROR IMAGE", bit-by-bit cloning of hard drives, flash drives, memory cards and optical discs. This new process uses dedicated equipment without the use of computers to copy the entire content of a storage device, including all files without altering the content. This is a critical requirement for evidence when the hidden files on a storage device contain important information or when unaltered metadata information is required. Early examples of actual uses in criminal defense were a child pornography case and a 2nd degree assault, domestic violence case.
High-Definition, Wide-Screen Origination and Editing, Blu-ray Mastering, Authoring and Duplication
All new productions are now recorded, edited and duplicated with our new high-definition, wide screen equipment and software. We can convert any video file formats to the various new compressed digital formats. In addition to the DVD duplication service we now are now offering Blu-ray mastering, authoring and volume duplication. We maintain our commitment to the highest possible technical and artistic quality and exceptional client service.